Barbara Schaefer

The Studio in Brooklyn


I offer Individual and group instruction in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Painting, drawing and collage instruction are available, working with a wide range of mediums such as charcoal, pastel, acrylic paint.

For further information I can be reached at

Abstract Painting And The Creative Process

This workshop focuses on the creative process, using other forms, such as movement, music (also sound/breath) and writing in preparation for painting. The vibrant interaction of these forms allows a fluid and enlightening relationship to develop with the visual. The inter-relationship of these disciplines develops an awareness of the dynamic principles that are essential in all art forms.

Students are encouraged to experiment with all media and explore new methods and approaches to painting, developing their sense of intuition as a dialogue is created between paint and other forms. They will be guided to discover their own personal way of working.

Abstract painting lends itself to process orientation, which compels freedom and creativity. Here, abstract painting emerges from an innovative, inner approach rather than working from a model or still life as a point of departure.