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News About Recent Shows

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016: "The Dancer Returns Home & Other Stories," Studio Matacotta, Rome, Italy
  • 2014: “Echo Art Fair” – Central Library, Buffalo, NY
  • 2011: "Assenza Presenza," Museo Comunale D'Arte Moderna, Senigallia, Italy
  • 2006: "Invisible Realms - Dialogue With A Virtual Prince," Studio Fontaine, Viterbo, Italy
    "Il Celio in una Settimana," L'Associazione Culturale Celiomatografo, Rome, Italy
  • 2003: "The Song of Memory," CIIS, San Francisco, CA
  • 2001: "From New York to Athens," Kultur.Raum Im Rosenhaf, Tegernau, Germany
  • 2000: "The Song of Memory," Notre Dame College, S Euclid, Ohio
  • 1998: "The Song of Memory," (preliminary exhibition) Int. Conference for Partnership, Tucson, Arizona
  • 1994: "Lavori su Carta," Galleria Dusseldorf / Roma, Rome, Italy
  • 1992: "Extremely Urgent," Galleria Miralli, Palazzo Chigi Viterbo, Italy

Group Exhibitions


  • MALEfemmina, Teatro l'arbiliuto, Rome, Italy

  • Arte Bodega, American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, Miami, Fl
  • Uninhabited Rooms, El Barrio's Artspace PS109, New York, NY
  • Me My Selfie & I, Hudson Guild Gallery, New York, NY
  • Epiphany/No Instructions Included, El Barrio's Artspace PS109, New York, NY

  • Participating in Evolution, Continuun Movement Arts, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY


  • "Scope Art Fair," Miami, Florida
  • "Night Collection," The Louvre Museum, Paris, France


  • Foundation Art Fair, New York Armory, New York, NY.
  • "Curate NYC," Rush Arts Gallery, topped ranked entries, New York, NY
  • "Non cercarti fuori di Te.." Grand Hotel de la Minerve, Rome, Italy
  • "Neri ed Ebrei ricordano insieme Sulle note della razza, L'Europa, la Shoah, l'Africa," Galleria Ottagoni, Rome, Italy


  • "Pulling Down - Giorno Della Memoria," Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy


  • "Art in Boxes," Concepto Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


  • "International Paper Exhibition," Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY & MG Art International, CVB Space, New York, NY
  • "Il Principe Azzurro," Studio D'Ars, Milano, Italy and Galleria 9Colonne
  • Il Resto del Carlino, Bologna, Italy


  • "ExpoChronos, CMF 40x40," l'altrArte, Rome, Italy


  • "Sothebys on line," New York, NY


  • "Intuitive Absract Painting," William Patterson University, Wayne, NJ
  • "Generations II," A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY


  • "The Passion of Art," Richard Anderson Gallery, New York, NY
  • "Drawing Show," Artists Space, New York, NY


  • "Group Show," Rancho Linda Vista, Oracle, Arizona


  • "Mostra Collettiva sul Bianco," Arrezzoli, Italia
  • "Group Show," Fenix Gallery, Taos, New Mexico
  • "Group Show," Lawrence F Abrahamsen Gallery, San Francisco, California


  • "Pulse Points," Eastern Regional Women's Caucus for Art Juried Exhibition, University Lutheran Church, Cambridge, MA
  • "Art Celebrates Life," Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY


  • "La Soglia Estrema: Caravaggio," Galleria Polmone Pulsante, Rome, Italy
  • "II Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea," Palazzo del Comune, Spello, Italy


  • "Artisti a Pordenone," Fiera di Pordenone, Pordenone, Italy
  • "Fiori, Frutta e Ortaggi," Galleria Eralov, Rome, Italy
  • "Exhibition," Jaffe/Baker/Blau Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
  • "Vertigo," Darius Gubala Gallery, New York, NY
  • "Ultima Thyle," Centro d'Arte l'Officina di Gorgia, Rome, Italy


  • "Arte Fuori Circuito," Caffè Latino, Rome, Italy
  • "XXI Premio Sulmona," Palazzo dell'Annunziata, Sulmona, Italy


  • "Artisti della Galleria," Galleria Pont des Arts, Rome, Italy
  • "Presenza," Rocca Paolina, Perugia, Italy


  • "L'idea del Volo" Galleria Tempo Reale, Calcata, Italy


  • "Exhibition," Printmakers Gallery, San Francisco, California


  • "Faculty Exhibition," Museum School of Art, Tucson, Arizona

Private/Public Collections

Lee Ufan Foundation/John Koo
Museo Comunale D’Arte Moderna, Senigallia, Italy
Notre Dame College, South Euclid, Ohio
Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona
Fundación Valparaiso, Almeria, Spain
Studio Fontaine, Viterbo, Italy
Palazzo Chigi, Viterbo, Italy
Isabel Allende, San Rafael, California
Bonita Brindley, Washington DC
Center for Partnership Studies:
Dr. Riane Eisler, Carmel, California
Dr. David Loye, Carmel, California
Abby Garfagnoli, San Francisco, California
Kimberly Miller, New York, New York
Paul Mithcell, Rome, Italy
Gianmaria Ponzi, Viterbo, Italy
Dr. Lucilla Ricottini, Rome, Italy
Dr. Gary and Loekie Schwartz
Dr. Franco Weisz, Rome, Italy
Peri Winkler, New York, New York
Cynthia Young, Los Angeles, California
Dr Hans Smit

Reviews and Texts

Giorgio Bonomi, Il Corpo Solitario, L'autoscatto nella Fotografia Contemporanea, Vol II
On The Issues Magazine, Winter 2012, photo in article by Merle Hoffman
On The Issues Magazine, Winter 2012, photo in article by Corinne A. Carey
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Riane Eisler, in Sacred Pleasure, 1995
Giorgio De Genova, XXI Premio Sulmona Catalogue Review, 1993
Emidio De Albertiis, Reviewed "Extremely Urgent." in Next, (Italian Art
Magazine) 1992
Gianluigi Biagioni Gazzoli, Interview in Q di R, (Magazine of Rome) 1991
Vittoria Biasi, Catalogue Review of "Extremely Urgent." 1991


1983 - Master of Fine Arts, San Francisco State University
1976 - Art Education, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
1975 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Arizona, Tucson


  • 2011: Franklin Furnace Grant
  • 2005: Fundación Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain
  • 2004: Change; Robert Rauschenberg Grant
  • 1997: July - September "Artist in Residence" The Helene Wurlitzer
    Foundation of New Mexico, Taos, New Mexico
  • 1996: Sponsorship of "The Song of Memory," a multi-media project, The New
    York Foundation for The Arts, New York, NY
  • 1976: "Honorable mention," Printmaker's Gallery, San Francisco,

Artist Statement
I work at night, in the dark. I discover and am surprised by the absence of light and noise. Using only flickers from a flashlight, I paint with light.

My work in various art forms - dance, choreography, continuum movement, writing and music - has informed and enhanced my primary work as a visual artist. The inter-relationship of these disciplines develops my awareness of the underlying principles that are essential to all art forms. First, all art-making requires presence, patience and showing up for the work, even when it seems nothing is happening. Then, listening, observation, decisiveness, and release.

Having painted for many years, this process of painting with light is a natural progression. My work is not constructed, but emerges as life presents itself moment to moment.

When working with another, I invite the person to move within the space in her or his own accord. In this way, everyone’s intuition is heightened. What emerges is authentic, fresh and surprising. And always unknown.

When working without people, I move within the space, allowing the space to inform me as if it were a living being.

This work continues my lifelong artistic interests: What manifests from the unknown, the invisible? How to trust it?

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